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The Senior Mobility Network is a Resource for Helping Seniors with Mobility Issues and Their Families  

Recently, my 81-year-old mother Barbara and I were talking about how difficult it was to find a centralized information resource for both mobility-challenged seniors and their baby boomer adult children trying their best to help them.  As a baby boomer, I also started to notice a trend that myself and many of my friends were starting to have a few mobility issues too.

Limited mobility is one of the most common senior health issues.  In the middle of our conversation, my mother immediately rose from her chair and with the aid of her walker, she began to show me all of the different senior mobility products she has.

Although I had helped her purchase everything from her scooter, walker to various accessories, I was amazed how many mobility related products she really needed just to make her comfortable.  My mother mobility issues stem from Spinal Stenosis, Neuropathy, and a Foot Drop.  She has also been in serious chronic pain over the last 10 years.

The Senior Mobility Network is actually her brainchild and she wanted me to help her bring it to life. What a great partnership!

Based on my mom’s insights, we decided that the mission of the Senior Mobility Network would be the following:

“Provide a centralized resource online for both the children of elderly parents with mobility issues, as well as the parents themselves.  It will be a place of shared learning and support”.

  • This resource would provide a weekly blog on topical mobility issues and ideas on how to solve them.
  • It will also include product suggestions from my mom who has personally used the products.
  • You can even purchase various senior mobility products directly from the site from our Mobility Store powered by Amazon.  This includes canes, walkers, wheelchairs, scooters and even mobile friendly clothing and other accessories.
  • We also have a section for sharing our stories with each other.

Thanks for visiting the Senior Mobility Network!

Senior Mobility Network

Senior Mobility Network