Mom’s Top Ten List of Favorite Mobility Products

Special Utensils

10 Products that My Mom Couldn’t Live Without

About a month ago, I was visiting my Mom and I discovered that she had all types of different contraptions around her apartment to help her move more freely.  In addition to the usual suspects, she had some very unusual items, such as special utensils.

I innocently asked her what her top ten favorites were…her answer was of course, “what category would you like to know about”?  At that point, I knew I was going to need a bigger piece of paper.

About 30 minutes later, she was still going through her top 10 list, which suspiciously turned into over 27 mobility products.  I had just driven 5 hours for this visit, so I was ready to take a nap.  Apparently, I must have dosed off for a few minutes as she still continued talking.

Here is her top 10 list of “must have products” for the mobility-challenged senior…Product Details
  1. Her portable potty that sits next to her bed…You never know when you need to go at night.

2.  Her electric scooter with all of the latest accessories…including a pouch to carry things that you Velcro to the front, as well as a special back bar to put her portable walker on.

Product Details3.  Her big red walker with wheels…She only uses it indoors Product Detailsbecause we can’t fit it in our cars.  That said, it has a seat on it in case she gets tired.  The seat lifts up for extra storage.

4.  Her portable walker for when she goes out…surprising, it works very well in winter and fits on the back of her scooter for transport.Product Details

5.  A special rubber jar opener for people with arthritis…it fits all sizes of jars or water bottles, etc…

6.  A set of very light Corelle dishes & coffee mugs…easy for her to carry and they don’t break if you drop them.

7.  An enormous magnifying glass and at least 5 pairs of readers from Walgreens…strewn all over just in case she wants to read.Product Details

8.  Her new Kindle Fire with extra-large type…She can then read when she finds her glasses.

9.  A lifter with a special long handle so she can safely retrieve things from high places…she’s about 4ft 10’…need I say more?

10.  A chair in her shower so she can sit down so she doesn’t risk falling.

So there you have it…I will include more of her other favorites in a future post!

What other mobility products do your parents use and really like?  Please leave comments at the bottom.

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