Product Review: Yunga Tart Walker Trays

I am always on the hunt for mobility aids that will make my life easier.  The Yunga Tart Walker Tray is one of those items that really helps me and I wanted to share my experience with you.

Yunga Tart Walker Trays From Amazon

Product Review

The Yunga Tart Contoured Walker Tray is great for carrying all sorts of items, particularly meals and snacks. It attaches easily to most walkers and has raised edges to prevents spills. In addition, the tray has 2 separate spaces for a coffee cup or a can.  This walker tray best fits standard 2 button release folding walkers.

  • Feels very sturdy and is well balanced
  • I especially like the cup holder because I usually use the tray mostly at breakfast time.
  • The tray itself has raised edges so if on the off chance that I spill something it stays on the tray versus spilling on the floor.
  • It’s very easy to install and remove.  I have carpel tunnel and this is no problem at all for me.
  • The tray is really easy to clean.
  • I like the fact that I can use the tray for carrying things other than food.
  • Comes in a nice assortment of colors…I like the brighter colors compared to the gray.
  • It’s an Amazon top seller so I trust the quality.
  • The price is very reasonable at $19.99.
  • There is a slight tilt to it, but it hasn’t caused me any issues at all.
  • It doesn’t fit all walkers, but it fits most.
Specifications of the Yunga Tart Walking Tray:
  • Fits the majority of standard walkers 
  • Securely holds a mug and has a recessed area for holding utensils
  • Low slip matte surface
  • Handle bar slot width of the tray is 16 3/16 inches on the inside 20 inches on the outside
  • Creates a stable fit with adjustment spacers
  • Tray slot length is 11 3/4″ inches without the spacers and 11 1/2″ with the spacers.
  • Spacers have some give and adjustment and provide a more stable fit
  • Weight is 1.8lbs

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