Tips on Bathroom Safety Products For Seniors

It seems to me that the best lessons learned are often a matter of trial and error.  That was the case when it came to better equipping my bathroom with safety products designed for seniors.  Depending on your situation, you may not need all of the safety items I’m going to share with you.

For me, it’s essential to have my bathroom set up in a certain way because I have fallen in the past more times than I would like to admit (luckily not lately since my bathroom is now safety-proof).  Now I want to share with you how I made my bathroom completely safety-proof by making the following changes…My motto is better to be safe than sorry!

Tub & Shower

Non-Slip Mats – inside the tub or shower to protect you from falling.

Shower Chair – If you have a shower only, make sure you have a sturdy slip-resistant shower chair to sit on while you shower.  My personal preference is one that has arms so it’s easier for me to get up and down.

Hand Held Detachable Showerhead – This makes it much easier to clean yourself and it gives you more flexibility and control.

Non-Slip Pad – For you to step on when you get out of the bath or shower.  My physical therapist suggested that I remove all rugs from the bathroom to avoid tripping on them.

Grab Bars – To help steady yourself while bathing or showering.

shower chair with arms             hand held shower         grab bar for shower


Raised Toilet Seat – They are much easier to get on and off of and they reduce the amount of squatting you need to do.

Bedside Commode – If you have trouble making it to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I recommend a bedside commode.

Grab Bar – Place on the wall near the toilet for balance.  Don’t be tempted to use it as a towel rack…that is not its purpose.
raised toilet seat with safety frame             bedside commode


Non-Slip Adhesive Tape – sinks can get very slippery sometimes and this could help steady you.

I also like to put a small chair in front of the sink in case I get tired and need to sit down.  My daughter had a clever idea and bought me a little table that fits under the sink so I can reach my toiletries and make-up easier without having to bend too much.

Other Items     toilet nightlight

A Few Good Nightlights – place one in your bedroom and one in the bathroom so you can better see your way at night.  I have recently seen these toilet nightlights on Amazon, but I haven’t tried it yet.  It looks like a good idea to me!

Thanks again for stopping by…if you have some other product ideas that have worked well for you, please let us know by sharing your story on the “Contact Us” tab.

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