Choosing The Best Walkers for Seniors

My Personal Experience:  Walkers Vs. Rollators 

Due to my spinal stenosis and my foot drop, I am unable to walk without the assistance of 2 different types of walkers.  I feel more comfortable using my standard fold up aluminum walker when I am outside and my rollator inside.

For many people, it’s the complete opposite.  With uneven gravel and such outdoors, I feel like I need more stability.  Inside my apartment, I need a little less stability, so I use my rollator.  I also have a scooter in case I have to go longer distances.

I just wanted to pass along a few tips that I have learned along the way in choosing the right type of walkers for me.  I fell 3 years ago and suffered a compound fracture to my wrist, so my right arm is much weaker than my left.  This also played a part in my choices.

In my opinion, here are the pros and cons of each:

Aluminum Walker

  • Good for Stability
  • Lightweight
  • Folds easily and fits in most cars
  • It’s durable
  • Helps with your posture because you have to stand up straight
  • You have greater control because it goes slow
  • Doesn’t have a seat
  • You have to rely more on your arm strength


  • Has a seat so you can rest and sit on it when needed
  • Seat lifts up so you can store things under it
  • You can also use the seat as a tray to transport things
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Better choice is you just need a little stability
  • Many accessories are available
  • Not as stable as a walker
  • Hard to fold up and get into a car
  • Heavier than traditional walkers
  • Bad for posture because you have to bend at the waist and lean into it
  • Goes relatively fast

Here are a few other things to consider…

  • Arm and leg strength
  • Any issues with balance
  • Adjusting them properly for the right height for you
  • Understanding how to properly use each mobility device
  • Will it be for indoor or outdoor use

As always, talk to your Doctor or Physical Therapist to see which is right for you and your personal situation.

Below are the ones I use, with some accessories that my friends and I really like… note: my son removed the wheels on my walker and put gliders on…I feel that it gives me much more control.  The trays work well also when I want to transport something.

walker     gliders for walker       rollator      trays

Thanks for stopping by!  Please be sure to share what works best for you…And be sure to check out our Amazon Mobility Store!